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Prevent a summer learning loss by keeping your child's brain active with these simple and fun ideas.

Summer Ideas to Keep Your Child Learning

Summer is the perfect excuse for students to forget about waking up early and going to school. Instead, they get to have free time to relax. However, all...
Most students have crammed for an exam at least once in their life. The results tend not to be the best. Here’s why cramming is not the best idea to pass a test.

Cramming Is Not Smart

Many of us are guilty of choosing to cram instead of getting a good night’s rest before an exam. We prefer to...
Is your child able to solve math problems by just using their mind? Having strong mental math skills can help them do better in class. Here’s how you can help them improve their skills.

Math Skills Can Be Strengthened

The ability to solve math problems without using a calculator or pen and...
If you feel so nervous before an exam that your mind goes entirely blank, you're probably suffering from test anxiety. Here’s what you can do to overcome it.

You’re Not the Only Person that Gets Anxious Before an Exam

Feeling a bit nervous before a test is completely normal, but for some...
Homework time doesn't have to be a constant battle between you and your child. Make their homework sessions easier with these five tips.

Taking an active interest in your child’s homework assignments can help them become more successful in school. Being a supportive and helpful parent doesn’t...
When you make your resolutions for this new year, think about your academic situation. Could it be better? Here are some tips to have a great school year starting this January.

Make 2018 a Great School Year

A new year is just starting, giving us the perfect opportunity to set goals and...
Take advantage of technology and download some learning apps to keep your child busy and learning this holiday season.

Learning Apps to Keep Your Child Learning

Technology, if used under supervision, can be an excellent learning tool. Almost every family or student has access to the internet...
A good night of sleep leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of the new day. Sleep does more than just make you feel energized, it can also help you academically. Find out more about the benefits you get when you sleep enough.

Sleeping In Can Be Good

Sleeping in is an...
Keeping a journal brings all sorts of benefits for both children and adults. They help improve mental health, strengthen brain power, and increase creativity.  Help your child enjoy the benefits of journaling with these pointers.

Starting Your Child's Journaling Experience

Journals are great...
A successful study session is the result of careful planning and organizing. Teaching your child to prepare to study is a skill that they will appreciate all their life. Here are some pointers to have a strong study session with your child. Studying is tough for many students, especially younger...


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