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A good night of sleep leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of the new day. Sleep does more than just make you feel energized, it can also help you academically. Find out more about the benefits you get when you sleep enough.

Sleeping In Can Be Good

Sleeping in is an activity that many students enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to stay in their warm bed catching up on some sleep? Some parents might consider sleeping in late a waste of time, but it can actually benefit students. This doesn't mean that you should miss school just to sleep, but you can wake up later during the weekend. Learn about the many benefits a good night’s rest can bring.

Some of the Perks of Sleeping

  • Increased attention span: It’s easier for a well-rested brain to focus in class. You won’t be so easily distracted after a good night of sleep. Tired people tend to make mistakes they wouldn’t usually make if they had enough sleep.
  • Solidify new knowledge: The learning process is divided into three stages: acquisition, which is when you’re introduced to new information; consolidation, which is when the new information becomes stable; and recall, which is when you access that newly stored information. Most of the consolidation stage takes part while you sleep.
  • Fight off germs: During sleep, you produce cytokines, which are proteins that the body uses to fight off infection, illness, and stress. Not sleeping enough reduces the production of cytokines and raises the possibilities of getting sick.
  • Be a better athlete: Athletes tend to sleep more because, just like with cognitive memory, sleep solidifies muscle memory and improves athletic performance. Plus, exercise also helps you become a better learner.

After a Good Night’s Rest, Tutoring in Wichita

Continue enjoying the perks of a good night’s sleep and your newfound concentration by signing up for some tutoring classes in Wichita. Tutoring can help you learn faster and better, just ask the people at The Tutoring Center, Wichita KS when you call them at 316-734-9704.


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