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Spend some time together with your children reading a few mom centered stories to celebrate Mother's Day. Here are a few options.

Mother's Day Inspired Books

To celebrate mothers during their special month, The Tutoring Center, Wichita KS has gathered a list of wonderful children’s books that celebrate all the mothers out there. Books are the portal to magical worlds, fantastic stories, and incredible knowledge. Join your children in reading these books related to mothers during this month of May. Mommy? By Arthur Jorkins. This is a fun pop-up book, perfect for babies, toddlers, and monster-lovers. The story is about a boy looking for his mommy. The boy is never scared as he faces many famous monsters. Ultimately, he does find his mommy. The Day I Lost My Superpowers by Michaël Escoffier. This is a story about a girl finding her superpowers, because everyone can have them with a little imagination. The day she hurt her knee she lost her powers, but she discovered her mom had superpowers too. My New Mom & Me by Renata Galindo. Sometimes children don’t look the same as their parents, but their love is still as strong. This is a story about a puppy who is adopted by a cat. It's a heartwarming tale that speaks about diversity, adoption, and acceptance. How to Babysit a Grandma by Jean Regan and Lee Wildish. Grandmas are mothers too, and it’s nice to hear a story about this family bond as well. This is a guide for granddaughters babysitting their grandma. The best way to do it is to sleep over and do lots of fun things…and don’t forget to read the bedtime story!

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Sometimes books can be a little tough for some children. If you find that your youngsters need extra help or just can't seem to enjoy reading, tutoring in Wichita can be just what they need. The Tutoring Center, Wichita KS has many options to help your children find scholastic success. Call them at 316-734-9704 to learn about their reading program.


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