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Self-esteem is a crucial piece in a person's development as it provides support and fuel for resilience and confidence. Hence the need to promote self-esteem in children to help them grow with maturity and determination. Keep reading these suggestions by The Tutoring Center, Wichita, to learn more!

Acknowledge Their Achievements and Encourage Them

Some parents make the mistake of overlooking their children's accomplishments while emphasizing their mistakes and defeats; it sounds harsh, but it's a reality for some people. However, this approach is not effective in children and teenagers as they'll lose interest and motivation. Worst of all, this approach will create friction in the parents' relationship with their children while affecting their perception of themselves.

Praise Is Key

If they do something well, it would be sensible to reward them with phrases that acknowledge their successes. But if they do something wrong, avoid scolds, reprimands, and refrain from making comparisons with their siblings and other children. Be firm but not cruel when reminding them what they've done is wrong, and don't forget to show them they can do better.

Teach Them to Be Assertive

Assertiveness is based on knowing how to defend yourself. Speaking out loud and in the first person about what one wants and raising assertive children will keep the rest from manipulating them. Learning to say "no" is vital so that they don't feel controlled or muzzled.

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