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Summer vacation is finally here, which gives your child a lot of free time to engage in different fun activities. The problem comes when they choose to spend all of their break in front of the television. To help you promote healthy TV habits in your child, you can follow the tips mentioned below.

How to Create Healthy TV Habits

  1. Start by giving your child the right example. If you tell them that they shouldn't spend all of their day in front of the TV and then you do it, they won't listen to you. Lead your child by example so they can follow accordingly.
  2. You should set some boundaries with the TV: only allow them to watch around 2 hours a day after they're done with their responsibilities. Likewise, don't let them watch it as they eat, while they're working on something else or at least an hour before bed.
  3. What they watch is just as important as how much TV they watch. Encourage your child to watch quality products that are fitted to their age and interests. If possible, motivate them to watch educational TV shows so they can learn while they watch television.
  4. Watching TV mindlessly is no good. Instead, help your child watch TV actively and have them think about the products they consume. For instance, you can ask them questions related to the show and the ads so they can stay aware of the content that they're watching.
  5. Finally, help your child get up from the couch by motivating them to engage in other activities. Going to the park, reading, doing sports or taking on summer tutoring in Wichita will help them keep their body and mind healthy over their summer vacation.

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