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  It's no surprise that success or failure in school begins at home. Poor academic performance has been linked to factors such as lack of sleep, poor nutrition, obesity, and lack of parental support. The following tips can help your family give the first steps towards a better direction.

Apply Healthy Habits

You can't do well when you don't feel well. To help your children have a better chance of succeeding in school, make sure they have healthy habits at home. Choose a bedtime that will give them plenty of sleep and provide a healthy breakfast each morning. Encourage exercise and limit the amount of time they spend watching television, playing video games, listening to music, or using the computer.

Stick to a Routine

Most children thrive on structures and will respond well to routines that help organize their days. Your routines may be different, but the key is to do the same thing every day so your child knows what to expect.

Let Them Take the Initiative

Children learn by example. Let your children "carry" the reading. Take the time to learn new skills and discuss the experience with them. Sit back and pay the bills or focus on another task while your children do their homework. If you display a strong work ethic and continually seek new learning opportunities, children will begin to follow the same examples and behaviors in their own lives.

Academic Tutoring in Wichita

Whether your child needs help studying for a test or simply wants to get ahead in class, enrolling them in tutoring in Wichita can help them reach their academic goals. Check out the academic programs offered at  The Tutoring CenterWichita to learn more about how tutoring can help your child. For more information, give their learning center a call at 316-854-3000.


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