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Take advantage of technology and download some learning apps to keep your child busy and learning this holiday season.

Learning Apps to Keep Your Child Learning

Technology, if used under supervision, can be an excellent learning tool. Almost every family or student has access to the internet nowadays which is great because the Internet can be very beneficial for young learners. It can help them get in touch with their friends, practice academic skills, and can provide the answer to many of their questions. The Internet is readily available on all smartphones and tablets. Students can download all sort of learning apps and give their brains a workout. Are you interested in learning about some cool apps for your youngster to try? Here are a few.

Winky Think Logic Puzzles

If your child enjoys logic puzzles, Winky Think Logic Puzzles is perfect for them. This app offers over 180 puzzles ranging from simple matching games to intricate mazes and multiple action games.

Middle School Math Planet

What better way to learn to enjoy math than by practicing through games? Your middle schooler can practice basic math concepts, such as fractions and geometry, while helping aliens reach their goal.

The Sight Word Adventure

For younger learners who are still learning to read and write, this app can help them recognize up to 320 sight words. They will practice skills such as visual attention, memorization, and active listening.

Further Their Learning With Tutoring in Wichita

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