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Having a successful morning routine can make the time before school so much easier. It doesn’t have to be a constant fight to get your children and yourself out the door on time every morning. A morning routine will help them plan ahead what they have to do. Follow these tip to make your mornings pass like a breeze.

Sleep Is Important

In order to have the right attitude and energy in the morning, everyone (not just children) has to be well-rested. Before you start planning the morning routine, you need to make sure you have bedtime down. Calculate your child's proper bedtime by subtracting the number of hours they need to sleep to the time you have to wake them up.

Get Ready the Night Before

Before sending your children to bed, make sure they have everything they need packed and ready for school the next day. All of their books, homework, and school supplies need to be in their schoolbags before heading to sleep for the night. It would also be easier for you to prepare their lunches and school clothes ahead of time and have two less things to worry about in the morning.

Make a Morning Chart

A great idea is to make a morning routine chart to remind your children what they need to get done each morning. Starting with washing their face, combing their hair, getting dressed, eating their breakfast, brushing their teeth, and getting ready to go. Talk to them about each step and rearrange them as needed.

Tutoring in Wichita KS for Easier Afternoons

Make the rest of their school day easier by enrolling your children in tutoring in Wichita KS. If they’re struggling in class or simply need an extra boost, tutoring is a great idea. Call The Tutoring Center, Wichita KS at 316-734-9704 to learn about their tutoring programs.


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