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Top Tips for Math Exam Success

Math is such a complicated subject. It can seem like a foreign language, and many students struggle to keep up with the fast pace and increasingly difficult material. Leading up to exam time, Math exams can be a huge source of stress for your child. Fortunately, the experts at The Tutoring Center of Wichita have put together this list of top tips for Math exam success.

Go over Exam Strategy

It’s important to develop a good exam strategy so that you child can optimize the time available. Teach your child to do any ‘easy’ questions first, before moving on to harder ones. Tell them to be sure they show all stages of calculations and make sure to include relevant units to maximize on points gained, even if the final answer isn’t correct.

Make Flashcards

Use flashcards and other visual aids to learn information such as equations and steps in calculations. Make this into a game by placing the cards face down on the table and asking your child to pick one at a time and try to remember the information on it.


The best way to do well on any exam is to do as many practice questions as possible. This may sound boring, but it is excellent for developing skills, increasing speed, and building confidence.

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