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Is your child able to solve math problems by just using their mind? Having strong mental math skills can help them do better in class. Here’s how you can help them improve their skills.

Math Skills Can Be Strengthened

The ability to solve math problems without using a calculator or pen and paper and using only the power of the brain is what mental math is all about. Children often think they’re not good at math because they aren’t as fast as their classmates. Strengthening your child’s mental math skills can help them improve their self-confidence, reasoning abilities, and boost their concentration. Not to mention, developing their mental math skills can help your child ace their math exams. Here's how you can help. Visualization: Talk to your child about visualization. If they need to solve a math problem, they should imagine the equation in their head and answer it in small parts. Use the internet: The internet is a great tool for young learners. There are plenty of fun learning sites full of online games. In most of the math games your child can find, they will have to answer math problems within a limited time. They will be forced to use their mental math skills, and as the game progresses, the speed increases and the problems become more challenging. Memorize the multiplication tables: Some people believe that memorization is not good for learning, but in this case, it is. If your child memorizes the multiplication tables, they will find it easier to solve longer math problems faster. Puzzles: Think of your child’s brain as a muscle that needs exercise. Your child can exercise their brain by doing seemingly pointless puzzles like crosswords or Sudoku. It’s easier for a stronger mind to solve mental arithmetics.

Tutoring in Wichita for Improved Math Skills

If your child could do with some extra math help, sign them up for tutoring in WichitaThe Tutoring Center, Wichita KS has some excellent programs that can help your child reach their academic goals. Call them at 316-734-9704 to learn all about them.


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