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Tips to Help Your Child See the Fun Side of Reading

In a world full of shorthand, text-speak and automatic grammar correction services, children are becoming more and more reliant on social norms and technology and less reliant on their own ability to write well. While writing practice may not be appealing to your child, there is a lot they can learn from reading. Reading helps your child to learn sentence structure and boost their vocabulary and spelling, however, isn't always a past time they are interested in. If you are looking for ways to help your child increase their interest in reading, The Tutoring Center, Wichita has put together a few ways to consider.

Lead by Example

The best way to boost your child's interest in reading is for them to see you enjoying it yourself. The next time you sit down to read a book, make sure they are able to see you. If they ask questions about what you are doing or what you are reading, answer enthusiastically and positively.

Choose Their Material

Linked with the tip above, if your child is reading a book for school which they aren't enjoying, buy yourself a copy and read along with them. After every few chapters, take some time to enjoy a snack and discuss with them what has happened so far. This can help to make reading more interactive and boost your child's interest in it.

Open up Their Options

While there's no denying they will have to read books assigned throughout their classes to complete each lesson, open up the possibility of social reading. Take them to your local bookstore and let them choose books matched to their interests. If age appropriate, open up the genres; if they enjoy baseball, look for a book written by a famous baseball player.

Tutoring in Wichita

The Tutoring Center, Wichita understands the importance of reading and how it can benefit your child's grades. If you are struggling to boost your child's interest levels or feel they aren't achieving the results in school you know they are capable of, speak with us at  316-854-3000. With dedicated one-to-one instructional programs, The Tutoring Center, Wichita can help your child to not only improve their grades but their confidence.


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