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Keep Your Child's Brain Active over the Summer Break

Now that the summer vacations are here, all children want to do is sleep, watch television and talk to their friends on social media all day. While it’s good to have a break, it’s important to keep their brains engaged over the vacation period so that they are ready and raring to go for the new school year.

Take Advantage of Travel Opportunities

If you are lucky enough to be traveling to a different part of the country or going abroad, use this as an educational opportunity for your kids. Ask them to investigate your destination and create a presentation about what they would like to see there. This helps with geography and cultural knowledge, as well as practicing presentation skills.

Practice Math in the Kitchen

Cooking with your kids is a really fun activity and a great way to get some practical practice with fractions and measurements. You can get even more math practice by making a list of necessary ingredients, providing prices and asking your kids to work out how much money you will need at the grocery store.

Summer Tutoring

Tutoring is a fantastic way to make the most of the extra free-time that your children have during the summer vacations. By continuing their learning in an environment free of distractions, children who attend summer tutoring in Wichita start the next semester with an educational advantage and the confidence they need to achieve their potential.

Tutoring in Wichita

The Tutoring Center of Wichita offers an excellent range of one-to-one instructional classes covering all levels, so there is something for everyone. To learn more about the benefits to summer tutoring in Wichita, call 316 854 3000 to book a free consultation.


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