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Many parents, full of goodwill, promise their children rewards to keep them motivated. But it's a slightly risky approach that won't always ensure the expected results.  Besides, parents shouldn't promote a reward mentality to achieve good grades since it's not educational nor beneficial in the long run.

There Are Better Ways to Celebrate an Accomplishment

Please get in the habit of praising your children's good grades once they bring them home. You can celebrate it in a way that motivates them, like going to the cinema, eating at their favorite restaurant, to the amusement park, etc.

The Power of Praise

Parents are used to rejoicing when their children overcome a challenge and exceed themselves. This joy can be spread through praise whenever they pass a test or get a new job. Or when they fail but have struggled to achieve the goal. It feeds the satisfaction of working towards the goal, not just the academic results.

The Truth about Good and Bad Grades

Parents must instill that their children are the ones who benefit the most from their grades. Children have dignity, and they want to be respected, and they prefer daily recognition of their work and effort. However, academic success, especially in elementary school, is not just your child's responsibility, and it will be helpful to show parental support from the get-go. Your presence and help along the way will be more effective than any material reward.

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