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Homework time doesn't have to be a constant battle between you and your child. Make their homework sessions easier with these five tips.

Taking an active interest in your child’s homework assignments can help them become more successful in school. Being a supportive and helpful parent doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours helping them complete their tasks. You can show your support by helping them become organized and by following these simple tips.

5 Ways to Be There for Your Child While They Do Homework

  • Don’t do your child’s homework: Teachers use homework to find out if the students understand the topic. There’s no point in leaving homework if you’re going to do it for your child. While you should help your child if they don’t understand something, you should let them complete their assignment alone.
  • Set up a homework area: Your child should have a good place to do their homework. The area should be free from distractions so they can focus easier. There should be a table, a comfortable chair, and the necessary school supplies.
  • Find the best time: The best time for homework is different for every child. Perhaps your child needs a snack or a nap before doing their homework. Maybe they’d rather finish it as soon as they get home from school. Find the time that suits them best.
  • Create a plan: It’s easier to tackle homework assignments with a plan, especially if it’s a lot of work. Help your child organize themselves before starting. They can take on the toughest part first and finish with the easiest. They can also divide their assignments into chunks and take breaks in between.
  • Motivate and monitor: Make sure your child knows you are there for them when they’re doing their homework or preparing for their exams. Encourage them to keep up the good work, and be available for their questions.

If Your Child Struggles With Their Homework, Tutoring in Wichita Can Help

Enrolling your child in a tutoring program at The Tutoring Center, Wichita KS can help them with their homework struggles. Call them at 316-734-9704 to learn all about their tutoring programs.


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