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As mentioned in a previous post, there are a myriad of different benefits to having a well-read child: they have different perspectives, a richer vocabulary, among many other advantages. However, you need to motivate your child to read and to work on their reading comprehension skills. If your child needs to improve on the latter, you can help them out by following the tips below.

How to Help Your Child with Their Reading Comprehension Skills

  1. Start by providing them with the right reading conditions. They should be able to focus on what they’re reading in order to understand it, so provide a place that’s comfortable and free of distractions.
  2. Certain learning tools, such as a dictionary, can make understanding a text a lot easier. Ensure that your child has those tools handy so they can improve their comprehension.
  3. Another tip is that you should encourage your child to take notes. Doing so will allow them to remain focused on the text, as well as note the important information in it. 
  4. Having context about the reading material gives you a clearer perspective on what you read. Tell your child to research the topics and concepts mentioned in a text so they can have a better understanding of it.
  5. Reading out loud, rereading a sentence until it’s clear and using different reading techniques can help ensure that your child won’t get lost or confused while going over a text.
  6. Finally, simply discussing the reading material can be extremely beneficial to your child. By doing so, they’ll be able to share their opinions, as well as get new points of view.

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