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How do you feel about math? Did you dread it as child and the feeling lives on in your adulthood? Have you ever considered that you may be the reason why your children feel that way about math, too? Children learn by example and your example has a big influence on their approach to math. This article The Tutoring Center, Wichita KS has prepared for you is to help you and your children learn to appreciate and even like math.

Look at It as a Need

Learning math is easier when you know you’re doing it out of necessity. When you are learning something that will actually help you solve problems, you are working on something that’s important to you. Help your children find ways to apply what they’re learning in class in their everyday activities. All those  formulas won't seem pointless if they can put them to use.

Make It a Game

Math doesn’t just have to be a never ending quest of solving problems in a notebook. There are many games that involve math without you even thinking about it. You can try playing chess, dominoes, Yahtzee, and even some card games together.

Do Some Homework

This doesn't mean that you should do your children’s work for them, but you can supervise their math assignments. Talk to their teacher to learn some of the techniques they use to help children with math and work on them at home. You can even ask them to send some tough extra problems and solve them together.

Mix It with Reading

If you and your children have great appreciation for books, you can look for some stories that incorporate math. Find books in which the main character fixes a problem by using logic or math. Mixing something they like with something they dislike can help them create more positive math memories.

Math Tutoring in Wichita

Just because your children love math doesn’t mean they can’t find it difficult from time to time. Tutoring in Wichita can help them overcome those math obstacles. Bring your children to The Tutoring Center, Wichita KS or give them a call at 316-734-9704 to learn about their programs.


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