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If you want to start thinking outside of the box for ways to help your child get ahead in school, one of the best things you can do is encourage your child to learn to play a musical instrument. The benefits are great and the experience is not to be forgotten either. The Tutoring Center in Wichita would like to help you today to truly understand the benefits of getting your child to play a musical instrument. 

Time Management and Organization

As your child begins to play a musical instrument he or she will begin to understand the importance of managing time well and being organized. In order to get better at an instrument there has to be time spent in practice. However, just spending time with the instrument is not enough. Your child will also have to be organized in determining what to practice, where he or she needs help, not to mention where to keep all of those important notes and sheet music for practicing. As your child develops in his or her time management and organization concerning the instrument, you will begin to see that spreading to other areas of his or her life. If that does not happen naturally, you should have no trouble getting your child to see the connection between these two things and efficiency. 

Improved Listening Skills

In playing a musical instrument, it is important to listen well. Your child will need to listen for the notes to be played, whether or not his or her instrument is out of tune, and if your child wants to learn to play by ear, there is even more listening involved. Again, this will first display itself in your child’s instrumental talent. However, it is not difficult to understand that your child can then use this talent in music to listen better in other areas. You may see that your child has become better and listening to and comprehending literature, for example. 

Better Academic Performance

Lastly, and in some part to do with the previous two benefits, you can expect that your child will improve in academic areas. As already mentioned, your child will likely be able to listen to and understand more complex literature, thanks to his or her ability to understand music. Music is also math. There are patterns, numbers, and rhythm in music and as your child is more ept to understanding that, you will often see a change in his or her appreciation and understanding of math as well. 

As your child continues to improve at the musical instrument of his or her choice, you’ll begin to see the effects in other areas as well. You can help your child even more by encouraging healthy sleeping habits. It is certainly still possible that your child will need assistance in a certain subject. If that’s the case, remember that playing an instrument can be used as an award. Also know that, if your child could benefit from a tutor, The Tutoring Center has a professional staff that is willing to help. For tutoring in Wichita, be sure to contact us at 316-854-3000.


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