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The new school year is a great time to begin a new goal. Why not really try to stay organized this year? It is a lot easier to be organized when you start that way, and stay that way, rather than having to backtrack and start over. So, take advantage of the beginning of a new school year. At The Tutoring Center in Wichita we do desire the best for you. Take a look at our SIX suggestions to help you stay organized this year. 

Set Goals

Of course, one of your goals should be to stay organized this year, but that’s certainly not all. Whether you are setting academic or personal goals, remember to prioritize them, write them down, and figure out how you’re going to accomplish them. If you are taking a really difficult class and know that you will have done your best with a ‘B,’ then set the goal to strive and work diligently for that grade. 

Avoid Clutter

When you leave loose papers around your backpack, locker, or work area, you are bound to get some serious paper pileup. These places are also prime territory for other unnecessary materials. If you are no longer using something, take it out of your backpack. As for papers, remove those which are no longer needed. Throw them away or store them for later, just in case. Papers you will need again, place in folders for safe keeping and easy accessibility. 

Designate a Study Space

As for your work space, with the help and permission of your parents, find a place in your home to designate for study and homework. You may choose to use a desk in your room, the couch, or the dining room table. Remember though, that this is the place you’ll go to get things done, therefore it should be void of distractions and clutter. 

Write It Down

There is always the possibility you’ll forget when you say “I’ll remember.” So get into the habit of writing down your homework. Another well meaning idea you may have is to take a picture of the assignments written on the board, with your cell phone. However, as you sit down to do your work, you want to avoid taking out your phone as much as possible. Though you may innocently remove your phone to check your homework, you now have so many fun distractions just there at your fingertips. 

Use a Planner

You may substitute the practices of using your cell phone or saying you’ll remember, with using a planner. This planner should be divided into individual days so you’ll be able to write down more detail. Depending on how much time is between your receiving an assignment and its due date, you may also consider writing notes in between to remember to work on it. This also works for studying for tests. What this will do is help you to avoid only remembering the night before and cramming or working on a major project with only one day left. 

Break It Up and Work it Out

What works best for you? You do know yourself best of all, so decide how you want to go about making your homework schedule. Please keep in mind that your academics should take priority, other than that it is up to you. Do you think it will benefit you to take care of the more difficult tasks first or last? Are you in need of a break? Schedule breaks into your evening and do something rejuvenating during those times. Afterward, get back to work and do well!

Now that you know you’re going to do a great job staying organized, remember that The Tutoring Center is here to help you with any academic needs you might have. Contact us at 316-854-3000 for tutoring in Wichita!


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