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Top Tips for Math Exam Success

Math is such a complicated subject. It can seem like a foreign language, and many students struggle to keep up with the fast pace and increasingly difficult material. Leading up to exam time, Math exams can be a huge source of stress for your child. Fortunately, the...

How to Beat School Stress

The end of the school year can be an extremely stressful time for your child. With projects, coursework and revision to juggle, your child may be under a tremendous amount of pressure and feel overwhelmed. Luckily, The Tutoring Center, Wichita, has put together this...

Tips to Help Your Child See the Fun Side of Reading

In a world full of shorthand, text-speak and automatic grammar correction services, children are becoming more and more reliant on social norms and technology and less reliant on their own ability to write well. While writing practice may not be...

Using Technology in the Right Way to Your Advantage and Boost Your Child's Grades

Yes, you read that right. While it’s often the other way around, with technology being removed from your child's education path to further it, The Tutoring Center, Wichita has two great ways that technology can be...

The Benefits of One-To-One Tutoring in Wichita

Whether your child is at a private or public school they are going to face the same type of learning environment as most. The classroom consisting of 10-30 students and one teacher at the front lecturing away. That is why we here at The Tutoring...

Help Raise Your Child's Grades and Exam Results

When it comes to your children slipping grades, the reasons can be numerous and varying and finding out what to address can be a challenge for parents. For this post, we have put together some information about the benefits of receiving Tutoring in...
Keeping your child focused, or even interested in their studies can sometimes seem impossible, with many parents giving up and accepting their children's grades as they are. For parents who are determined to improve their child's grades however, The Tutoring Center, Wichita...

How to Help Your Child Prepare for an Exam

With the ever increasing complexity of education, it can appear difficult to help your child with their exams. For this post, The Tutoring Center, Wichita has two easy ways for you to help your child prepare for their exams.

Keep Their Brains Fueled


Start Scheduling Your Student's Success

Academic success is never guaranteed, but there are things you or your student can start early to help reach yours, or their ultimate level of desired education. From elementary school to PhD programs, having a solid schedule is one thing that is absolutely...

What to Eat to Help Children Learn

When it comes to learning, having a full and satisfied belly is important to help keeping your child stay focused. Alongside providing professional tutoring in Wichita,  The Tutoring Center, Wichita has some great advice on SuperFoods you can incorporate easily...


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