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If you’re planning your summer vacation with your family and you’re considering a road trip, you’re probably interested in ways to keep your children happy and entertained. Sitting still for long periods can be tough, so here are some tips to make the journey easier.

Educational Road Trip Games

The summer slide happens to all students alike. After a long year of working hard and learning new material, summer break arrives and suddenly all that knowledge is gone. Brains get lazy over the summer without school. Fortunately, every occasion can be turned into a lesson to keep your child’s mind active. Today we will focus on making summer road trips fun and educational.

I Spy

This classic road trip game works this way: one player must choose an object and the other players need to guess what it is. Be sure to pick something that everyone can see and not just a passing object. The first player needs to give small hints as to what the object is by saying the words, “I spy with my little eye something that begins with (insert the first letter of the object's name).”


Refresh your family’s geography skills by trying this game out.  First you need to pick a theme: countries, states, cities, or landmarks…or simply allow all answers to be accepted to make it easier. The first player must name a place, for example Italy. The next player needs to name another place starting with the last letter of the first place, for instance Yugoslavia. The next person could then say Amsterdam, and so on.

Count the…

This game can last the whole journey, and all you need to do is count! You can choose to count red cars, animals by the road, gas stations, anything you want. Just be sure to shout it out every time you catch one.


Focus on completing the whole alphabet in order by mentioning or writing down things you see on the road. It can be a very long game and at times a tough one. The first one to complete the alphabet wins.

Keep Your Child's Mind Active with Tutoring in Wichita

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