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 Being a great student encompasses many areas and apart from learning and fulfilling their chores, your children need to sleep properly. This element is crucial for boosting their immune system, enhancing their memory and other cognitive skills, plus it maintains their weight and has other countless benefits.

It’s possible that you have neglected this important element in the development in of your children, as it takes more than tucking them into bed for a good night’s sleep. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Wichita, we will tell you a few important ideas on this topic.


It’s important to establish a bedtime schedule and routine to create sleep patterns; remember that the internal clocks of your children will control the levels of alert and drowsiness throughout the day. Keep in mind that school-aged children need about 9-12 hours of sleep. Remember giving your children at least an hour before bedtime, so they can brush their teeth and carry out other relaxing activities that will set the right mood for going to bed.

The Environment

Don’t forget that your children’s room should fulfill certain requirements. Complete darkness is crucial, as light disrupts sleep; if your children are afraid of the dark, you can use a night light. Also, avoid the use of electronic devices on the bed, they are not only stimulating but several studies suggest they are the cause of sleep disturbances.

Food & Drinks

Avoid serving large meals and cut fluid consumption at least 2 hours before bedtime, otherwise your children may need to stand up to use the bathroom. Remember that caffeine can also be ingredient in soda, tea, chocolate and other drinks, so try to avoid these drinks and read the label.  

These are just a few simple ideas that are easy to carry out and that you should consider to improve your children’s sleep quality. Also, remember that sometimes 24 hours doesn’t seem enough to fulfill every chore, so don’t forget to read our guide on improving time management skills.

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