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As each school year begins, with its possibilities of new friends, new interests, and life lessons, it also begins with the not so bright possibility of being bullied. 28% of kids between 6th and 12th grade admit to having been bullied at one point in the course of their schooling. Bullying has been a long standing issue, that does not appear to be going away. In fact, quite the contrary. With our electronic age, the newer issue of cyberbullying is claiming more victimization. 7 out of 10 kids would admit to having felt cyber bullied at some point. One of the unfortunate side effects of being bullied will show up in a child’s academic achievement. It is with this in mind, and concern for your child, that we at The Tutoring Center in Wichita would like to give you a few tips to consider, if your child is being bullied in school.   

Verbal or physical repeated assault from one person or group, to another, is classified as bullying. The main forms of bullying are demonstrated as follows: 
- making threats or physical harm
- cyber bullying
- teasing/name calling/rumors

*Often there is not just one form of bullying going on at one time. 

What to Do:

- You did nothing wrong. You do not need to change who you are. 
- Tell someone trusted about the situation. 
- Keep a record of what is said and done by the bully. 
- If unchecked a bully will continue. Be sure to take action so that the violence stops. 

What Not to Do:

- It is completely ok to ask for help, do not attempt to handle the situation on your own.
- Although it may seem like the natural response, do not respond with violence. 
- Do not hide the problem from those you trust. 
- Lastly, do not believe the lies you are being told by the bully and surround yourself with positive people. 

Remember that it is up to the parent, the child, and the school to end the cycle of bullying. If you are the parent of a bullied child and are beginning to see the reflection of the situation in your child’s academic performance, rest assured that The Tutoring Center is fully prepared to help your child get back on track. Contact us at 316-854-3000 to schedule an assessment or for tutoring in Wichita!


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