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Great study habits lead to great academic achievement, however this doesn’t happen in the short term. It requires discipline, and it all starts with having a space in your home where your children can focus and fulfill their school demands. The following post by The Tutoring Center in Wichita contains a few ideas to help you create a study space in your home. 

Their Style

Each person has a unique way of learning and their perfect study conditions can be different; while some need a quiet space, others will require some sort of background noise. Watch your children carefully and find out which setting works for them. No matter which style they have, make sure to be around in case they need any help. 

Arrange the Space

Once you know the learning conditions your children need, set up a study table and comfortable chair. Just remember that the chair shouldn’t be too cozy, otherwise your children may fall asleep. It’s also important that you identify those things that may divert the attention of your children, and remove them to create a “distraction free area”

School Supplies

Having all the school supplies your children need to may seem like a small detail, but just think about how much time they waste every time they stand up looking for a sharpener or ruler, which can also be an excuse to get distracted. 

These simple ideas will help your children focus and fulfill their academic demands, which is the first step for great academic achievement. Also, be sure to read this post containing useful information to motivate your children to read.

As school gets more demanding, your children need to have a solid foundation to successfully meet the challenges ahead. For that reason The Tutoring Center developed academic programs to help our students reach their potential and catch up with their class. Plus, we offer a free diagnostic assessment to find out which abilities need to be improved - one more reason to choose us next time you are looking for tutoring in Wichita. 

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