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Prevent a summer learning loss by keeping your child's brain active with these simple and fun ideas.

Summer Ideas to Keep Your Child Learning

Summer is the perfect excuse for students to forget about waking up early and going to school. Instead, they get to have free time to relax. However, all that free time can make their mind lazy. You can help prevent this. Summer is full of learning opportunities. You can try some of these suggestions for starters. Learn a new skill: Summer camps teach children many skills, but if your child is not into summer camps, any class that will show them something new works just fine. Maybe they can try learning a new language or get into a children's cooking class. Sign up for a reading program: Plenty of libraries and bookstores offer summer reading programs. Why not invite your child to take that reading challenge? Their vocabulary will grow, and they can possibly win a prize. Start a journal: Want your child to practice their writing skills? Encourage them to start a journal or a diary to document their summer adventures, thoughts, and ideas. Get ahead: The most direct way for your child to learn is by signing them up for tutoring in Wichita. Tutoring can help them get ahead and be prepared for the upcoming school year. Get moving: Exercise not only helps your child stay healthy and burn off excess energy, it also helps them get smarter. Sign your child up for a physical activity this summer. Go someplace new: Try to take your child to visit new and different places where they can learn new things and create new memories. It doesn’t matter if it’s out of town or a local museum. The point is that they try something different.

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