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 Summer vacation is a great time to try out some experiments at home. Here is a great experiment for you do to with your child. Try out this 7 layer density column. It is full of color and science. 

7 Layer Density Column 

Make a 7 layer density column with your child. For this you will need a tall, clear container like a graduated cylinder. You will also need food coloring, a food baster, 9 ounce portion cups and the 7 liquids. The 7 liquids to use are honey, Karo syrup, dish soap, water, vegetable oil, rubbing alcohol, and lamp oil. Measure out 8 ounce of each liquid into 9 ounce portion cups. 

You can use the food coloring to color some of the liquids to make the column more dramatic. Light Karo syrup is easier to color than dark syrup. Be careful of trying to color the vegetable oil and honey, the food coloring may not work very well so just try coloring the other liquids. Start your column off with pouring the honey at the bottom of the graduated cylinder. 

Make the Column

Be careful to pour the liquid in slowly and into the center of the cylinder. You do not want to touch the sides of the cylinder while you are pouring. You can use the food baster to do this slowly. Add the rest of the liquids in a similar manner in this order: honey, Karo syrup, dish soap, water, vegetable oil, rubbing alcohol, lamp oil. This experiment works because each liquid weights a different amount, they each have a different density. The liquids that have a high density sink below the liquids that have a low density. 

Hopefully this science experiment will help your child realize the wonders of science. If you find your child struggling with math or science, we are here to help. The Tutoring Center offers one-on-one tutoring throughout the school year in a variety of subjects including math and reading. For more tips, including math activities, check out our blog. For tutoring in Wichita, KS contact The Tutoring Center. Go ahead and give us a call at 316-854-3000 to set up a time for your child to take a free assessment.


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