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Summer doesn’t have to be all about sitting in front of the television  watching movies or playing idea games. If you have been searching for outdoor activities that are educational and fun, The Tutoring Center, Wichita is here to help with the following post!

Writing Picnic

Not all children enjoy writing. This isn't because they don’t enjoy the task, but largely because the only exposure they have to it is writing what their teacher tells them to or taking down notes from the board. Switch this up by getting what you need for an enjoyable picnic and heading to your local park with some paper and pencils. After you have all played on the equipment and eaten, relax by writing some short stories or even a diary entry about the day’s events. Not only can this help to encourage a positive connection with writing, it also gives you a great opportunity to identify any learning challenges your student is facing, such as spelling or grammar.


If reading is a struggle for your student, it could be for the same reasons as mentioned above with writing. Sticking with the picnic idea, head to the bookstore and buy two copies of the same book which your child chooses. Once you are settled in at the park and have full stomachs, read the book together. However, don’t just read until you get tired, stop after each chapter to discuss the events of the book. Consider making small bets about what you each think is going to happen in the next chapter with the person who guesses correctly winning a small treat.

Tutoring Can Improve Your Youngster’s Reading and Writing Skills

If you identify that your student struggles with either reading or writing, tutoring can help. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Wichita by calling 316-854-3000. Learn more about one-to-one tutoring programs and book your free initial diagnostic assessment where a trained learning professional can answer all of your questions about the benefits of tutoring.


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