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The rise of new technologies is revolutionizing the world. It influences the way people work, interact, and even their writing, which is why writing by hand is often relegated to the background instead of typing on keyboards. Still, the advantages that typing on a keyboard can offer are evident in terms of clarity, presentation, and correction. However, handwriting benefits may not be as obvious, although they are crucial for human development and coordination.

The Benefits of Writing by Hand

This skill shouldn't be forgotten or neglected since its development has essential benefits for children due to the rational process that happens while writing. These vary from person to person, and it's crucial to discover and nurture them as soon as possible.

Boost Coordination

Writing by hand requires motor skills which favors the development of subtle movements and coordination. Features related to manual and sight coordination will develop through writing and be used in other circumstances.


Handwriting allows children to be more mindful during the writing process. They think before writing and are more aware of their mistakes which puts them in a position to correct themselves. Writing by hand means thinking in a more relaxed and more elaborate way and encourages good reading habits. When children write by hand, they have to think about the different letters and the correct way to write them while remaining focused on the task. So, it strengthens their attention-span and ability to focus.

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