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How to Help Your Child Improve Their Grammar

Having a good understanding of grammar can be a major advantage for a student. Well-written answers score higher points for style in exams, as well as in reports and term papers. However, the influence of modern TV shows and music can be confusing and make it difficult for children to develop good grammar from a young age. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do at home to help them. In this blog, The Tutoring Center, Wichita KS has got a few tricks to share with you to help your child improve their grammar.

Read Every Day

Reading with your child provides so many educational benefits, including an improved understanding of grammar. Spending just twenty minutes a day reading with your child can lead to significant improvements in their grammar skills.

Independent Writing

Encourage your child to write independently, either for homework or creative writing. When they finish, go through and check their grammar together so that you can correct any errors and they can learn from them.

Language Games

You can find loads of great websites online with language games for spelling and grammar. Try playing these with your kids so that they can benefit from learning through play.

Improve Grammar With Tutoring in Wichita

Have you noticed a decline in your child’s grades? Are they falling behind their classmates? Tutoring in Wichita can help. The Tutoring Center, Wichita KS offers a wide range of tutoring programs. Call today at 316-854-3000 to find out more.


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