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 Being able to manage your time efficiently is an invaluable ability to have, which is why you should teach it to your child from an early age so it can become a habit throughout their lives. With this in mind, The Tutoring Center in Wichita would like to share a few tips on how you can help your child manage their time.

How to Help Your Child with Time Management

Practice What You Preach

First, remember that your child is like a sponge, and that if they see you’re not very organized with your time, it won’t matter that you tell them they should do it. Try to lead by example!

Create and Follow a Schedule

Create a schedule for your child in which you set a timeframe for each of the activities they need to fulfill (even play time), so they can stay organized and keep track of all of their responsibilities.

Work on Concentration

In order for your child to follow the schedule you’ve created for them, you should work on improving their focus. For example, reduce distractions when they should doing homework.

Set Goals

Speaking of improving focus, it is easier to stay motivated and concentrated when you have a doable goal to work towards. Set a few for your child so they can work on reaching them.

Provide the Right Conditions

If you want your child to make the most out of their time, provide the right environment for them to study/work. Pick a spot that’s well-lit, comfortable, and equipped with the necessary supplies.

Talk About Responsibility and Discipline

Talk about responsibility and discipline with your child. Let them know that if they want to manage their time, and achieve their goals, they should prioritize certain activities and fulfill their duties.

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