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Under the current state of alarm, more and more people are forced to move their jobs and education to the domestic sphere and this transition could be challenging. So, the keys to study and work from home effectively relies on following various behavioral patterns,

Each Individual is Different

Some perform better in controlled chaos, while others cannot focus unless they are in the classroom, or an office. Regardless of these peculiarities, the following tips can make things much easier at home:

Create an Appropriate Work Environment

A quiet and pleasant space is ideal to keep studying, or working, from home but, try to keep these places as isolated as possible, thus avoiding constant interruptions from other residents in the house. Also, to work effectively from home one must stay away from the noise as it can be a potential distraction.

Set Limits and Establish Daily Goals

Willpower is key to avoid succumbing to the many temptations and distractions at home. To prevent this, you must avoid things such as constant trips to the fridge, catching up on your social media or watch television "while you work"; this can happen even with household chores! so you must be very wary about your behavior and determine a schedule to work or study, and then fully surrender to productivity during those hours.

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