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Most students have crammed for an exam at least once in their life. The results tend not to be the best. Here’s why cramming is not the best idea to pass a test.

Cramming Is Not Smart

Many of us are guilty of choosing to cram instead of getting a good night’s rest before an exam. We prefer to spend a long night studying inefficiently instead of preparing for the test with anticipation. Cramming is not the smartest idea and here’s why.

You Develop Bad Habits

Cramming might help you on an easy exam where the information to need to remember requires repetition. However, if you try to use this same study method for complex information that requires careful thought and analysis, you’re in for a bad time. That bad habit you're developing of cramming and procrastinating is not going to help you pass.

You Lose What You “Learn”

The morning after a cramming session, you’ll find that you forgot up to 80% of the material you thought you learned. Formulas, facts, and dates become familiar, but they’re not something you truly know. You won’t be able to recall most of the material, just briefly remember you read it.

You’re Studying Just to Pass

Passing the exam is the goal of many students. When you cram you’re aiming to pass and not to learn. You fill your short-term memory but forget about long-term memory. You might be alright with this if you only aim to pass, but next exam when you need to remember that same information you’re going to have to “learn” everything all over again.

Don’t Cram, Sign up for Tutoring in Wichita

Overcome your test anxiety and actually learn the material by signing up for tutoring in Wichita. The key to acing your exams is to prepare, study, and understand the material. A tutor at The Tutoring Center, Wichita KS can help you achieve that. Call them at 316-734-9704 to learn about their tutoring programs. Stop cramming and start learning.


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