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 Each child has a unique way to acquire and process information. It is very important to know his or her learning style, because it’s how they will relate to the material presented in school. The staff at The Tutoring Center in Wichita, Kansas, would like to give you  more information on this subject.


These type of learners will connect information with imagery and easily retain the memory of what they see. For them, it’s important to see the information in maps, charts, graphics, videos or written.


For these kind of learners the information must be heard. They are able to recognize changes in voices and they benefit from verbal lectures, discussions, music, and repeating information out loud.

Kinesthetic or Tactile

For some learners, listening to a lecture or seeing information doesn’t work as well without being able to move or touch things. They can split their attention between two tasks, for example, drawing while listening to a lecture, or writing notes at the same time helps them remember what is being taught. A common characteristic of kinesthetic learners is that they tend to be in constant movement.


Many students combine these learning styles, but there will always be one that is dominant. Knowing this will make it easier for parents and teachers to create strategies to boost their child's learning and make up for their learning style weaknesses. Do you know what learning type your child is?

Tutoring in Wichita

Whether your child is a visual, auditory or tactile learner, tutoring is a great opportunity for him or her to benefit from supplemental education. To acquire the academic skills that the classroom demands. Call The Tutoring Center in Wichita to learn more about our programs, or to schedule a free consultation, 316-854-3000.


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