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What is Happy Slapping?

In this harassment, a person is attacked or assaulted while being recorded and later, the footage is posted on social media in order to share and increase the humiliation of the victim. Happy Slapping can be verbal, physical, and even escalate to sexual harassment. During the planning process of this harassment, the aggressors look for a secluded and lonely place where they can carry out their plans, likewise, they try to choose a place where they cannot be interrupted. Additionally, it should be noted that in most cases the children who suffer from Happy Slapping have previously suffered from bullying. However, in other situations, the recording is totally unexpected and is made by any individual who is in the vicinity and decides to record what happened.

How to Deal with Happy Slapping?

Parents have a fundamental task when helping the child to deal with this situation properly. Teaching all the necessary tools to reduce and overcome the aggression.

Identify What Happened to the Children

It's essential to be aware of the children and everything to do with their diet, sleep, mood, and also their use of technology. On the other hand, it's essential to build an excellent relationship with them and be receptive parents to listen to what's happening in their life.

Proceed to Take Action

Once the child has been found to be suffering from Happy Slapping, the competent authorities should be contacted. In the event that the aggressor studies at the same school, what happened should be communicated to the board of directors and also to the teachers. Likewise, this situation should be made known to the parents of the aggressor, so that they communicate with their child and these acts stop immediately. Although, if the problem and harassment persist, you should consider transferring your child to another school or even taking legal action.

Communication is Key

In addition to the aforementioned, it's also necessary to constantly talk with the children who have been bullied. It' essential that they talk about their feelings to vent and leave this chapter in their life behind.

Seek Professional Assistance

Parents must give a sense of total security, affection, and trust to truly recover from this situation. It will be a long process and the time span to overcome this will depend entirely on each individual. Similarly, it is advisable to go to a child psychologist to counteract the negative effects it may have in the medium and long term.

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